Study Abroad Benefits

Students at The University of Memphis attended the Study Abroad Fair to learn about the benefits available from over 200 programs the Study Abroad program has to offer.

There are multiple benefits the study abroad program provides. There are many scholarships available for the summer programs and higher chance of graduating and career opportunities for those who chose to study abroad. Lasting relationships are also a common topic surrounding the study abroad program.

Felicia Hankins, an information specialist, gave information concerning major benefits saying, “Statistically speaking, study abroad students have higher rates of graduation and more career options. They tend to have a more open mind along with a variety of language skills.”

Working the financial assistance table, Debra Brown said, “The study abroad office determines how much money is offered to summer students based on credit hours for the Hope Scholarship.” The Hope Scholarship requires six hours during the summer term in order to receive this scholarship. Although, the programs differ in cost, most of them cost around $4,000.

The fair provided insight to at least 14 programs in 14 different countries, giving students several options to learn about. Financial aid assistants handed out informational packets and answered questions about trip costs and details. Dr. Yang who is leading a study abroad program in Beijing in summer 2017, highly suggests studying abroad. One point she made was, students will return having a new sense of appreciation, she said “You’re surrounded by new things that you have never seen in your life, and you will come back and you will appreciate more here every day.”

Dr.Roxane Coche, university professor, explains the many advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. “As for downsides, of course studying abroad has downsides, like everything in life, but to me the benefits far outweigh the downsides.” Coche continues on saying, “Sure you don’t get to see your family for a while, but trust me: you’ll find a new one.”

Fashion Merchandising major, Sarah McConnico agrees with Coche saying, “It’s not the things I’ve seen and done, it’s the things I’ve felt and the people I met that made this the best experience of college.”


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