Adventure Awaits


I am from a small town. A town with less than 5,000 people.’Everybody knows everybody,’ is a major understatement. I have loved my time growing up in such a close knit community. I have had an endless amount of support in all of the things that I have pursued throughout my life thus far. I grew up playing sports, I loved everything about being an athlete. I loved the long practices, the weekends lost on a softball field or a basketball court, the adrenaline rush that comes along with every fly ball and a wide open shot. I loved the rewarding feeling I received after accomplishing something my heart had so long desired.

When moving away to college and choosing not to continue sports, I had a hard time deciding what it was that my heart desired. Moving away and giving up something that had such a tremendous impact on me was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I say this because it allowed me to seek things I enjoyed more so than sports. It allowed me to see that my heart is happiest when I venture out.

‘Venturing out’ is a relatively broad term. I so far, have fallen in love with every adventure I have taken. While venturing out of my comfort zone, I joined a sorority at The University of Memphis. This led me to friends I will never forget and always cherish. It also led me to an internship, which impacted me more so than I ever knew it could. I found a safe haven when I ventured off the road and into the outdoors.  However, taking small adventures in the city is also something that I love. Again, I can’t explain the happiness I feel, during, and after, taking a long hike in the woods, or finding a hidden waterfall I didn’t know was there. Something about the outdoors just brings me joy. The adventures that I love most though, come in the form of travel. Being in a new place, lost, not knowing which direction to walk in, and surrounded by a thousand other accents (none ever as southern as mine) gives me an adrenaline rush that I will always love.

So, as a young, 22 year old girl, from a town most people consider themselves “stuck” in. I am proud to have grown up in that town, and to have had the opportunity to leave, and also to know that I am not stuck there. Also, I know that I am only young for a little while, and there is no better time to chase after the adventure that I so desperately long for. So, regardless of if I am calling a fly ball in the air, finding peace in the comfort of nature, or if I am just departing from a city that I fell in love with and heading to a new and exciting place, I know that no matter what I do or how far I go, venturing out could still lead me back home.


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