The Healing Properties of Silicone


Dermaflage uses a silicone filler as a quick fix for hiding your scars. So, the instant camoflauge is great, but is there some chance that it is gradually healing your scarred skin as well?
Studies show that silicone can enhance your skins appearance. It can prevent serious skin problems like raised keloid scars, and restore your skin’s natural glow. Silicone has also shown improvements in thickness, color, and texture of scarring.
There are several benefits that silicone has to offer after surgical scars have healed. Using silicone as a healing method after surgery has been proven to help prevent excessive scar tissue growth, flatten and soften the scar, help make it less red or purple and more skin colored, and it can also reduce the scar in size and appearance. ( All of which means using silicone to help heal your scar can prevent ugly scars from forming and who really wants ugly scars?
Silicone has also shown signs of increasing skin elasticity and reducing the itching and pain that often comes with surgical scars. Using silicone as a healing method is also a noninvasive treatment, which means there are nearly no side effects to it. By using Dermaflage to hide your scars you could be healing them too. The recommended application time for silicone is 8 to 24 hours per day in order to see improvements over a few short months. Dermaflage however can stay on your scars for up to 36 hours at a time, and it performs under all temperature, it is breathable, highly flexible, very adaptable and most importantly, it is waterproof.
Silicone has shown to be effective and produce an 86% reduction in texture and an 84% in color. It exerts many actions such as; hydration, protection, and comfort, which may explain the benefits, it has when it comes to healing scars.( So, if you are being held back by ugly scars, take charge today by using Dermaflage to cover them and even possibly heal your scars.


Jacey from Dermaflage




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